What is Intercession?

In this website the term ‘intercession’ is used to refer to a variety of praying and other activities, such as research, spiritual mapping, and prophetic acts, under the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirt, with the object of bringing lasting change to the emotional, psychological, physical and emotional wounds in people, groups, organisations, churches, nations, and the environment, caused by personal, ancestral and corporate sin and the work of the kingdom of darkness. The intercessor aims to bring into practical reality that part of the Lord’s prayer which says “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Not everyone shares the same understanding of the nature of prayer. We For example, some think it is simply talking to God and asking for what we want, while yet others consider it to be thinking good thoughts at someone. Yet again there are those who rely on the power of their minds to visualise a new reality and try to bring it into being. While there is a core of truth in each of these, along with often serious error, the real nature of prayer is far more wonderful than any of these approaches. We will explore what it means to be in a realtionship of true friendship with the Creator of the universe and ourselves – to be sons and daughters of the King, and to experience him revealing his secrets and plans and encouraging us to participate in them. To do this we need to be able to hear and listen to God’s Voice, for which we need to be in a relationship of Intimacy with God.

Once we can hear from God we need to know what to do with what he tells us. This is where various activities come into play, such as research and spiritual mapping, devising of strategies, carrying out prophetic actions, prayer walking, and various forms of individual and corporate prayer and worship.

What is Spiritual Warfare?

In our Teaching Pages we will give commonly used definitions and explanations of each of these streams and outline the relationships between them.

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  1. Thank You for your insight on being an intercessor. We must have the intimacy with the Lord and hear His heart in praying for others.

  2. Soldier on for Christ. Together we stand in the gap!


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